The Buildings That Could "Fly"​ or Digital Construction

I have not been blogging for quite some time now and LinkedIn seems to be the right platform to get started again after having a 3-year pause on my personal BIM blog at 
I would like to discuss the collective mindset that we need to change in order to be able to build better and more efficiently. Nowadays, implementation and utilization of technology in construction grow hourly. However, the way we use to build, or at least the building mindset remains unchanged.
Are we not very serious about the accuracy and consistency of the information that we produce in order to build? Are we reluctant to follow the exact (information) drawings and specifications, etc, when we are on site, in the field to execute the work? What happens as a result; we say something on paper, but we build something else on the ground.
Now, what if the buildings that we build were meant to fly, just like the aeroplanes that carry millions of people every day? Would we still be so reluctant to cha…

Does this mean we will start hearing about Revit 2016?

Check out @jasonboehning's Tweet:
Just a quick tip. All of us who deal with quantification in Revit must know that Revit is looking at slabs'/floors' perimeter in two ways, the external perimeter and the total perimeter including the perimeters of cut outs. See the illustrations below and compare the properties:

Dynamo: possibilities for construction modeling

Recently one of my connections from Case suggested to get my head around Dynamo. I gotta tell you - IT IS AN UNPACKED POWER FOR BIM. And when I say BIM I don't mean conceptual models for architects controlled and manipulated using Dynamo. I agree that initially it was intended to control stuff in Conceptual massing environment, however lot of people found better use of the possibilities that it gives to automate some tasks and do batch executions of tedious tasks in Revit.
Honestly, before coming across Dynamo I was constantly thinking that Autodesk should do something to enable something like that for advanced users and those who usually expect more. Those who are specialists in their field don't necessarily need to be advanced programmers to program and execute custom tasks for PUT SOME LOGIC INTO THE MODELS. Specifically, construction models.

The only BIG THING expected when that happens is REVIT's own PERFORMANCE BOOST. I think people in "the factory" need t…

Revit 2015 is here!!! Most Remarkable Features that I grasped!

Congratulations to the Revit population of the world. Revit 2015 is here. And here are some very important new features that have been in the wishlists of many dedicated users: 
Let's have a quick glance at few of my favorites before we get a hands-on preview and trial: 

Collaboration IFC LinkingLink an IFC file to the current project. One of the most anticipated features in collaboration for this year.
Design Trim/Extend Multiple ElementsTrim / Extend can be used on multiple elements using box selection.
Family Parameter Order AdjustmentMaintain parameter order as you specify. This is a crucial new feature for content developers to organize their parameters in a more structured manner.
Reinforcement for partsAdd reinforcement to concrete parts. This sounds thrilling, however needs to be tested. If it is what contruction people expects then it will rock the construction modelling into the next level by making previously introduced Parts feature complete and more useful.
Presentation for…

Revit 2015 wishlist of features

I know it is too early to know what's happening in the factory but I dare to be bit visionary and dream out loud.

My wishlist for the upcoming release of Revit (2015 or whatever serial name it will get). I know it is rather a dream-list however, I want to publish what I expect to see and I think most of the long-term Revit users would agree:

# 1. Performance Optimization (mainly in case of large projects)

# 2. Very important: ability to assign world coordinates or X Y Z coordinates to almost all categories as parameters that can be modified to relocate an object from one position to another as well as being able to see/modify those coordinates in the element schedules.  Excitech has got an add-in that accomplishes this in a limited way - it would be nice to see it as a developed feature in Revit.

# 3. MEP pipes should be able to measure INVERT LEVELS from the invert levels not from the center lines necessarily, and Spot Elevation tool should be respectively tuned to measure the i…

3D-4D-5D Revit Workflow (STAGE 1) - How to Manage your Phases (LBS)

Hi there, I have been keeping silence for quite some time now. I just don't like talking about what already has been discussed somewhere else. However, I prefer sharing practical solutions for the BIM challenges/possibilities that we hear in theory on our daily BIM meetings. In these series of posts I will explain in detail and step by step how to set up & manage a BIM workflow where you will have your 3D Model/Workshop Drawings linked to your 4D Sequencing & 5D Cost/Quantities.